Free Avatars

Have you ever seen a cartoon image of a person and face and think, wow that looks familiar, like someone you know or even yourself? Well chances are that the image you were seeing was an avatar. An avatar is basically a cartoon icon or figure which represents a person. It can be an online alter ego or simply an image of a person. Avatars are commonly seen in some video games where you can design your character and try to make the image a reflection of yourself (matching hair and eye shape etc). New technologies online means that creating an avatar that bears an uncanny resemblance of yourself or someone you know is easier than ever, and best of all, completely free. You can use our avatar creator to make your own avatar and then you can download it and show your friends or use it online.

There are a couple of different ways to make your avatar. The most common way is using an avatar generator tool where you take a few minutes to cartoonify yourself to make it look how you want. Everything is customizable from eye color, hair length and even ear and nose size. Even clothes and background can be customized. If care and thought is taken, the avatar should resemble yourself or whoever's image you were making it of. It will take a few minutes to complete depending on how much detail you are wanting to go into and at the end it will still look like a cartoon version of whoever it is, but a recognizable one.

Another method that can be used to make an avatar which is also free is by using a photo tool. This is the quickest way to get an avatar that looks a lot like someone as it will take the facial shape and features from an actual image or photograph uploaded on the avatar maker website. The avatar should then look a lot like the image in the photo, just more cartooned. This is the most accurate form of avatar generation as it is a physical representation, rather than choosing features from memory.

There are a lot of different reasons that someone would want to create a free avatar, but mostly they are just made for fun - you could create an avatar of a relative that may not know about it and they would not be expecting to see a cartoon version of themselves! Everyone would love to be featured in a cartoon, and creating an avatar is one way to get a cartooned version of yourself. There are also 3D avatar makers which create extra realistic images, and some that can animate the avatars, and make them dance, move or do other actions such as walk, drink or even talk. Thanks to the great and realistic animation technologies so readily available online today, making a quality avatar can be fun, easy and most importantly, free.