Samurai Avatars

Samurai with sword avatar Honor and loyalty are some of the core virtues that a samurai upholds. They remain loyal to their feudal lord to the very end and would rather choose death than have their honor be tainted by disgrace. These admirable traits have, without a doubt, sealed their status in history as one of the most respectable warrior classes that ever lived. Part of what makes them popular as well is their inimitable appearance. After all, what could be more distinctive than the Japanese armor that they wore? Who among us is not familiar with the deadly efficiency of the katana? This sword that they wielded with great skill in the battlefield could cut down an enemy in a single stroke. Indeed, their fearsome martial skill only made them more terrifying opponents in battle and is certainly why their legacy is still very much alive in these modern times.

Samurai are also well-known for their nobility and civility, which pretty much serve to highlight Japanese virtues. They can be peaceful and reserved at one moment and be rampaging tempests in the next. Such is the true spirit of the samurai.

If you have chosen samurai as an avatar, we wouldn't be surprised at all, especially if you feel the same adoration for what they signify. Avatars, after all, are great gauges of who we are as a person. It is technically an extension of your soul, and the fact that you've chosen the samurai as your avatar shows that you feel a certain kinship with these noble warriors.

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