Avatar maker

It's simple to create your own avatar with our free avatar maker, which allows you to select your own pictures and save your custom image in any of the most popular avatar sizes and formats, as well as giving you the option to specify your own custom size, for a complete, simple, intuitive, avatar making experience.

There's a lot of freedom for avatar creator users to create and save their avatars, as you can choose from the available sizes - 48x48 px up to 200x200 px or you can alternatively make avatars in their own custom sizes, from 30x30 up to 200x200 pixels.

Create Avatar

1) Choose a picture from your computer.
2) Click 'Resize' to start avatar maker process.

Avatar creator is totally free

You want to make an avatar from a picture or your own photo? You think it's time to update your forum profile with a new personal photo?

Our three step free avatar maker process also makes it quick, simple and easy to create avatars using the avatar creator tool. All you need to do is choose and upload an image from your computer (it must be in .jpg, .gif or .png for you to be allowed to use it, so please check the image format before trying to upload it), then choose your favorite or required avatar size and then select the image area you want to crop – that is almost it!

As soon as you're happy with the image you created, all you need to do is save your new avatar to your computer and start using it in your online platforms to represent yourself. It is just too easy - create your own avatar now!

About avatar maker

Some people choose to present themselves online using their picture, some use animal photos, most common are cat pictures and then there are others, who choose to represent themselves on the web – in web chats, forums and other similar places – by using an avatar, a web generated image, sometimes appearing as a cartoon figure, which may or may not coincide with their real image. These images can be fun to create and use but they can also be a hassle, as different websites will require different sizes and formats for their avatar images.

Although these images aren't as popular as they used to be, with the age of social media tearing down the walls of internet privacy, leading all of us to reveal our real faces and making uploading and setting a picture for your profile easy, a lot of forums, message boards, IM websites, programs and web chats still use avatars, so it's always a good idea to have a good, intuitive and easy to use avatar maker on hand.

That's where Avatar Creator comes in. Here you can find a free avatar maker tool, where you can easily create avatar, custom image or icon to use for all your online chatting platforms, using your own pictures uploaded from your computer to create unique avatar images to represent you on the web.

Avatar creator information

For instructions on saving avatars, please read on.

For users of Google Chrome, Safari or Mozilla Firefox, please right click your mouse over your image and choose the 'Save image as' option to save your image to the computer.

If you're using Microsoft Internet Explorer as your web browser, use the same method above but look for 'Save picture as' in the options that are available to you as you click your mouse.

As for those running Opera on their computers or other devices, please do the same process, choosing the option 'Save image' from the menu.

Important, please read before you create avatar

Your avatar is cropped and saved in the same image format as the picture you uploaded to create it.

Please save your new avatar as soon as you're happy with it, avatar creator does not store your avatar for more than 24 hours. Avatars are erased from our system daily, so if you think you may need copies of your avatar in different sizes, it's good to do it all at the same time, as you will not find your original avatar if you come back days later. It's also a good idea to store it in different places, in case you delete it from your computer by mistake for the same reasons.